We regularly act for creditors who wish to enforce security by the appointment of a fixed charge receiver or the sale of property. 

Fixed Charge Receiver
Where a lender has a charge over a property, it may be entitled to appoint a receiver. Depending on the nature of the charge, a receiver may be able to recover the rents or income derived from the property. In some cases a receiver may also be entitled to lease or sell the property. 

Our office regularly advises lenders and receivers in this area and assist lenders in the appointment process.  

We also regularly act for receivers in litigation brought in connection with the receivership process and in the sale transaction process.

Court Appointed Receiver
In some cases it may not be possible for assets owned by a debtor to be recovered by normal means of enforcement and it may be necessary in such cases to apply to court to have a receiver appointed allowing for the recovery of such assets.   

This includes farm payments or subsidies, grants and government payments.   We regularly act for creditors in such applications and can advise clients on these options.

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