Management Company Debts

We have significant experience acting for Owner’s Management Companies (OMCs) and their managing agents.  We know the issues that OMCs regularly encounter and provide a full advisory and dispute resolution services in connection with:

– Issues with builders
– Boundary disputes
– Issues with tenants

– Unruly tenants
– Claims taken against the OMC

Our Solicitors are experts in these areas and we are happy to advise on such matters in conjunction with debt cases.

Legal Process
We offer our client’s a clear, structured process for referring cases to our office. We will use the legal process to seek judgment on behalf of the OMC for any unpaid charges levied.

We understand that the cost of recovering unpaid service charges will often end up being borne by other members of the OMC.  We strive to minimise this by achieving results quickly and in a cost efficient manner.

Other Services