Debt Recovery Litigation

We have extensive experience pursuing debts through the Irish courts. We use the legal process to maximise collections in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible.

Pre Legal Process
Some clients may not wish to initiate legal proceedings immediately. The level of debt may be quite low, or they may wish to give a debtor a further opportunity to pay before commencing legal proceedings.  

In such cases, we have various options available to seek recovery of a debt without commencing legal proceedings.  We can create pre-legal ‘chase paths’ tailored to your business that suit specific debt and client types.

Legal Debt Recovery and Enforcement
If legal action is required, we will institute court proceedings on your behalf.  If the debt is not paid at that stage, we will obtain judgment in court and will advise on the most appropriate enforcement options available and how best to recover the debt.  

Please see our Enforcement section for more details:

Client communication
If there is engagement from a debtor, we communicate with our clients immediately to see if a mutually acceptable arrangement can be reached. Proceedings can also be halted at any stage if a resolution outside of the court is possible.

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