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Legal Process

Issuing a Summons

If the debtor fails to respond to the LBA within the time allowed, Court proceedings are issued and served. Great importance is attached to issuing the proceedings seven days after the LBA. This is to maintain momentum and to ensure that the debtor knows how serious the matter is.

Issuing court proceedings is the process whereby the appropriate endorsement of claim is drafted, the summons stamped with the required stamp duty and is submitted to the relevant court office for the allocation of a record number.

Once these matters have been attended to, the proceedings can then be served on the debtor.

In District and Circuit Court cases, the Summons is served by registered post. In High Court cases, the Summons must be served personally. A Company is always served by ordinary prepaid post.

District Court - Civil Summons
Circuit Court - Civil Bill
High Court - Summary Summons